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About Me

Onward with Darren Ho reflects my journey as a neurodivergent individual who has spent the past few decades realising the meaning of inclusivity. Getting diagnosed with ADHD, Autism, and Tourette Syndrome at age 35 was truly eye-opening because it made me realise that many things that had happened were for a reason. I also recognised that I had done many things to deny the person that I was in my attempts to blend in like a Chameleon.

Through researching and understanding more about neurodiversity, I came to appreciate the beauty of diversity and just how unique each person is. Everyone is special in their way regardless of whether they are neurotypical or neurodivergent, and we all contribute a certain flavour to this world, making it fun and colourful. For every disability one has, there is an ability somewhere else and it is about identifying where our strengths lie.

Life is about being authentic and uniquely different from others, which is why we have thumbprints. How we can accomplish this together is when we embrace these differences and seek to understand more about them through education and building awareness. We all have our quirks whether you are neurotypical or neurodivergent. So, it's all about being more accepting of one another and understanding how to work with one another and bringing out each other strengths.

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