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A podcast series released every week to provide you with a fresh breath of motivation. Each episode is crafted with words that will encourage and push you to posture yourself for breakthroughs and growth that is to come.

Thanks for being a part of my journey. Onward.

#NotDoneYet: Time as a valuable resource (Ep. 1)

#NotDoneYet: Time as a valuable resource (Ep. 1)

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Ep.1 Time as a valuable resource

Welcome to the very first episode of my #NotDoneYet podcast!


The topic of today is: Time as a valuable resource.


Time is universally acknowledged as the most valuable resource, and for good reason. Unlike material possessions or wealth, time cannot be earned, saved, or regained once it is lost. It is the great equaliser, as every individual has the same 24 hours in a day, regardless of their background or circumstances. In the grand scheme of things, time is a non-renewable resource that demands our utmost respect and attention. Its scarcity magnifies its value, reminding us to cherish each passing moment and make the most of the time we have. By embracing the significance of time, we can lead purposeful lives, filled with meaning, accomplishment, and fulfillment.

#NotDoneYet: Practising the right thing (Ep. 2)

#NotDoneYet: Practising the right thing (Ep. 2)

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Ep.2 Practising the right thing

Welcome to the 2nd episode of my #NotDoneYet podcast!


The topic of today is: Practising the right thing.


Purposefully practising the right thing in sports, whether it's in terms of technique and habits, or in the context of business, is vital for achieving excellence and long-term success. In sports, deliberate and focused practice of proper technique hones skills, refines movements and enhances performance. It allows athletes to push their limits, overcome weaknesses, and reach their full potential.


Similarly, in the realm of business, purposeful practice involves honing necessary skills, adopting effective strategies, and cultivating productive habits. It enables individuals to develop expertise, adapt to changing circumstances, and make informed decisions. Purposeful practice in both sports and business builds a strong foundation for consistent growth, fosters continuous improvement, and positions individuals for success in their respective fields.

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