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Raising Champions for Life.

Areas of Coaching

For interested parties or any enquires, click here to get in touch with Darren for more details.

Endurance Sports

Triathlon & Ironman

Having competed and represented Singapore for his age group category, Darren has also coached and been a consultant to high-performance Triathletes & Ironman athletes. With his decade's worth of knowledge and experience, he continues to help athletes reach their fullest potential.


Mental Health

High Performance

Mental Training

Darren's experiences as a high-performance athlete & coach have shown him how important mental training is. Through a personalised approach, he strives to help athletes cope with stress and pressure by strengthening their mental constitution on the competition arena.


Business & Entreprenuership

Business & Entrepreneurship

Having been an entrepreneur and investor, Darren understands the challenges of being in the game. He believes in empowering others to realise their fullest potential by identifying and leveraging their talents and abilities to mentoring individuals to make an impact through their work.

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