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Live better through sport

It might sound cliche to use the tagline for the very company I work for but in recent months, this simple yet powerful string of words has taken on new meaning for me.

For the past 6 months since my last post, I pushed, shoved and struggled to get things back on track. Unknown to many, I was struggling to stay motivated in my training (for whatever reason I will never know) and was on the brink of giving up. Even the images of myself during my heaviest days were no longer enough to put me off and that was how I knew that my motivation in doing all of this had either changed or I needed to find new direction.

If there was any time I needed a compass in my life, this would be it

They always say that life presents its greatest ironies when you least expect it and that all the world is a stage. I was out dragging my feet for a run one evening when I chanced upon a group of elderly folks practicing their taichi and some of them had coincidentally worn an event shirt given out by my organisation. As I stopped and observed their smiling faces, graceful movements and seemingly never ending energy, realisation hit me and that my journey from the previous chapter had come to a close. Without warning or any sound, the very force that used to drive me forward to bring me to where I am today had lived its course and that explained why I no longer felt the same passion that I did before.

Instead, standing right before me now was more than just one reason to keep moving forward. I finally understand that in my possession would be the capacity to do real good and to not just consider me but to those around me whom I can impact positively. In some way or another maybe I’ve done it but it was never purposeful nor intended. All of that, I promised myself will change in 2020. Hence my goal from this year forward would be to create a positive impact to the lives of those around me, regardless of how small or short the interaction would be.

In living of service to those around me, I have found new meaning. Importantly, I would not have reached this revelation if I had not turn to sport in the first place and hence my reference to such a simple yet powerful string of words that have been tattooed forever into my brain. Sport is indeed a powerful mechanism for change and inspiration and not just because of the practice of it but also because of the number of lessons in life it teaches us to share with others while paying it forward.

I feel re-energised all over again, just like when I started on my weight loss journey now almost eight years ago. The only difference now is that in helping those around me and leaving a positive impact on their lives will I always find an endless number of reasons to move forward. This time, I move forward not as an individual but as a team.


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