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#MotivationMondays: Smile when it gets hard and don't lose your sense of humour!

Some days are crazy and there are days that are just impossible. Some of us feel that Mondays are the hardest day of the week because the weekend seemed too short and you barely feel rested. For some of us, weekends represent time set aside to think, reflect and spend time with loved ones which add on to the inertia of any Monday and having to get going again.

One of the best ways I’ve learnt over the years to overcome any of these Monday blues is to simply smile and laugh as much as possible. Smiling forces our bodies to turn the negative to the positive and this drives our actions for the rest of the day forward. Wake up early in the morning and just smile. Be thankful that we’ve been given another day to give it our all and that today is the day to make it count. Be grateful that we have a chance to make something happen although we may not see it yet. Regardless of what goes through your mind, smile.

Crack silly jokes to yourself or share them with those who you’re close with, share a laugh over coffee and just be happy. Being happy takes practice and my belief is that too many of us do so many things right but we don’t practice being happy enough. If everything takes effort then being happy is surely one of them as well. So try it, smile, laugh with your friends, enjoy the day and make an effort to be happy.

And if you’re like me where its back to 4am Monday training sessions, smile as you wake up and be grateful to be able to put on your trainers. Listen to a podcast on your run or best yet, smile when the going gets tough. Its a truly wonderful thing what smiling does to you and the reciprocal feelings you get from something that’s so simple and yet powerful.

Remember, we act out our internal emotions and sometimes we need to force that bit of change to stay positive, remain happy and truly enjoy the challenges in life.


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