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Restarting my adventure...

What a ride it’s been. I initially chanced upon the idea of sharing my story about weight loss and living better in 2014. However, I could not seem to bring the pieces together and the reasons why I’ve experienced everything I have growing up as a neurodiverse individual and the multiple challenges that I’ve ultimately faced.

In the blink of an eye, 10 years have passed, and I have experienced so much more in the past decade in the sporting arena and as a person. These humbling experiences, thankfully with people who have shown nothing but care and concern, have truly changed my life for the better. Now, I feel the time is right to come out and share these magical experiences with others.

How I view life, my philosophies, my beliefs and my values are now ready to be laid bare as I engage a crowd I may never see or who may only engage with me digitally. I wish it would be possible to meet every person who reads my posts, listens to my podcasts and watches my vlogs. That would be a dream.

I wish to share my experiences and learn from you all as I continue to sharpen my beliefs and philosophies. As we co-build pathways together, with our life experiences guiding our way, all of us will excel beyond who we are and find ourselves in a much better place that is not always determined by the material value of what wealth means.

I will touch on many concepts and have designed them to be read and understood in any random order rather than following a sequential process. As we know and experience it, life happens in unpredictable moments that inspire us and force us to aspire to become greater.

Ultimately, my dream is to help as many of you understand that because we have the power to choose, we can control our actions as there are many pathways before us. Therefore, we can always become a better version of ourselves and know that no one is truly alone in this journey.



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